FAMILY AND FRIENDS, about 2/3 of our wedding party!  Cynthia and I are blessed with a life full of love.  I will extend the same kindness and support to you, as your elected representative and partner in government.  

Me with long hair, and my wife Cynthia.  This was our official engagement picture, taken at City Creek Park by Temple Square, in summer 2016.

We have two nieces and a nephew, who all live in Utah.  This was taken at the youngest niece's baby blessing!  I also have an aunt, an uncle, and too many cousins to count.  Lots of in-laws, too!

My dad, Jerry; and mom, Linda, visiting us in Taylorsville for our first Thanksgiving as homeowners.  They live in California, where I grew up.  Mom is a retired bachelor's degree registered nurse, and current substitute K-12 teacher.  Dad is a Navy submarine Vietnam Veteran with the dolphins pin, an alumnus of BYU, and retired engineer who worked on the construction and renovation of every space shuttle, from Enterprise through Endeavor!  He is now a substitute teacher with an elementary credential.  Dad is a moderate Democrat, and mom is a conservative Republican.  I grew up with the best of both worlds!  They taught me from the very beginning to be an involved and conscientious citizen.

L-R: Alex Pizarro, Robert Lira, and Robert "Jay R" Long, at the middle's wedding in 2020.  Alex, Jay R, and myself were groomsmen for Robert Lira.  I was also the lead photographer, which is a hobby that has given me a talent to study human nature in depth.  As your representative, I will bring that talent to the table in your name!


I took this picture of Cynthia with our deceased cat Fred, whom we adopted from Best Friends Animal Sanctuary in Kanab.  With my talent of capturing faces and moods, I will be an efficient negotiator as I take your interests and concerns to the legislature.


Neal Wray, wife Jessica, and their son. He and Jessica have entrusted Cynthia and me as godparentsI love my godson as if he were my own!  Jessica is a native of Guatemala, and raised her son as a native Spanish speaker.  One of my favorite things to do is talk with my godson in Spanish!  I'm nearly fluent, so I'm well equipped to serve the large Hispanic population in district 31.

Neal and I chose long ago to regard each other as family, the same as if we'd been born brothers.  I was the best man at his wedding!  This is us in 2013 on a hike of Mount San Antonio (Baldy), the highest peak visible from Los Angeles.  We share a passion for hiking tall mountains.  As your representative lawmaker, I will climb the highest mountains to get your voice heard!

L-R: Robert "Jay R" Long, me, Stephen "Steve" Petty, and Robert Castro (deceased).  For two years, we regularly attended city council meetings together.  Jay R and Steve were groomsmen at my wedding!  Robert would also have been.  I love to recruit others into public service and civic engagement.

Bob and Pam Dunn, my godparents.  I spent half of all my time over at their house while I was growing up!  I couldn't have asked for a better family to grow up around.  He ordained me to the Priesthood, and served as my escort when I received the higher temple ordinances.  They are now proud residents of Provo, enjoying their retirement and grandkids.

Robert and Victoria Dunn, son and daughter-in-law of Bob and Pam.  Robert and I were best man at each other's wedding!  I have the same brotherly feelings for Robert that I do for Neal.  Though my parents had only me, I'm richly blessed with two honorary brothers!  Now residing in Provo, Robert and Victoria sometimes call me "Uncle Andrew" around their kids.

For privacy reasons, I can't post photos online of my own nieces and nephew, except for the one above at my youngest niece's christening.  Here is a family picture of Robert, Victoria, and my four honorary nieces and nephews!  I love their kids the same as my own nephew and nieces.  Being called Uncle Andrew is a wonderful blessing!