Andrew Nieto, Republican for Utah House of Representatives

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Devoted conservative, passionate bipartisan bridge-builder, moored to core values, talented ear for discerning the Will of the People, grassroots activist with real leadership experience; I'm ready to earn your trust as the legislative voice of Taylorsville/WVC.

House district 31 is among the most diverse in the state, and politically a true swing district! I have learned, through conscientious practice since childhood, to listen and seek understanding of everyone I meet. Just like cultures come together here in our district at the Utah Cultural Celebration Center, so can
WE THE PEOPLE bring our diverse opinions, experiences, values, and perspectives together in grassroots forging of Utah's path.


    Except for the Republican Party, I don't take institutional donations. This is a true grassroots campaign! We the People help our democracy by supporting our candidates - I can't do this without you! YOUR ideas, YOUR listening ear, YOUR representative; I'm running to be that for you, so your voice is heard on Capitol Hill. Please help me keep Taylorsville and West Valley City the special places they are, by donating to my campaign!
    $22 for 2022
    $31 for District 31

    $5 or 10 also appreciated!
    Itemized Needs:
    - Campaign sign printing: about $1,500 for 500 signs.
    - Salt Lake Tribune Voter Guide: $500 for quarter page ad
    - About 15,000 mailers and 3,000 flyers, cost unknown.
    Utah Republican Party has mailer indicia to pay for half the cost.

    How to donate:
    Zelle: 661-886-6794
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    Venmo QR code below:

Of, By, and For WE THE PEOPLE!

Utah's legislative process is renowned for its grassroots participation. Fellow residents of district 31, I will be there for you, working together as constituent and representative, to craft legislation that matters to the people of Taylorsville and West Valley City!

Small, like a "Shining City on the Hill"

Government is best when it's closest to the people. The beauty of Uah's legislature is that it's small, each district like a city. That means YOU, the People, can have REAL relationships with your representatives at the state Capitol. That's called the grassroots!

I'm a trained grassroots activist.

  • Grassroots Leadership Academy graduate,
    levels 1 and 2

  • Emerging Leaders Initiative Legislative Bootcamp

  • AFP/Libertas Legislative Bootcamp

  • Pro-Life Utah Action Council member

  • Original member of Utah Platform Republicans PAC

I have REAL Leadership Experience!

  • Co-founder and senior leadership team member, 2019 Utah Tax Referendum

  • Precinct chair, state delegate, county delegate,
    SLCo GOP Central Committee,
    SLCo GOP Bylaws Committee

  • Eagle Scout

  • Substitute Teacher

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Let's get to know each other, so we can join our voices together on the Hill as representative and constituent. Let's get YOUR issues and legislation heard!

(This is my personal cell phone. Fiscal responsibility matters, so I don't have a
separate campaign number.)


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