Government of, by, and for YOU, your friends, your neighbors, your family, your church, your teammates, your classmates, your coworkers, and your community.  I am one of you; I seek to be chosen by you; I will speak, LISTEN, work, negotiate, and represent, FOR YOU.


Empowering YOU to experience the fulness of your citizenship, by amplifying YOUR voice and bringing WE THE PEOPLE to Capitol Hill!  What do you want me to bring to the floor as your representative lawmaker?  Constituency is a relationship - let's brainstorm together to solve the problems you care about!



This is where I learned the power of Utah's grassroots.  Against all odds, we prevailed!  Despite extremely strict time schedules, rampant misinformation, vast logistical complications, and painstaking accuracy requirements, we got enough valid signatures - statewide and in all 29 counties - to get the referendum qualified for the ballot!  We came together from throughout the political spectrum, from all political parties, from all backgrounds, and from every little nook of the state, to pull off what so many thought to be impossible.

Then, we didn't rest.  We stayed together, an organized volunteer force of over 26,000 members, to hold the legislature accountable during the 2020 regular session.  They listened loud and clear, by repealing the 2019 special session "tax reform" that prompted the referendum effort.  We stayed alert and active, making sure that not even one little bit of the 2019 "tax reform" was restored during the 2020 regular session.

After the session was over, we STILL didn't rest!  We immediately transitioned to recruiting and supporting candidates - regardless of party affiliation - to run in the primary election against incumbents who voted for the 2019 special session "tax reform".  We stayed on top of misinformation, constantly dispelling it like "whack-a-mole", and researching where the misinformation came from so we could hold the disseminators accountable.  We hit the ground as volunteers, even for candidates we disagreed with.  We taught people how to register to vote, how to attend caucus, how to run for delegate or precinct officer, and how to help their candidates get their messages out! 

Ultimately, we had a WHOPPING 50% primary win rate among our officially supported candidates.  THAT IS THE POWER OF THE GRASSROOTS!  We helped the candidates learn how to wage effective campaigns.  We successfully defeated the AUTHOR of the 2019 special session "tax reform" in his Republican state senate primary, and we challenged the Republican Speaker of the House with 25% of the vote going to our supported United Utah Party candidate.  We even helped a novice statewide candidate come VERY close to second place in the gubernatorial race at their party's convention.  Truly, Utah is a place where government can be driven by civic engagement, OF, BY, AND FOR


To this day, 2019 Utah Tax Referendum remains a powerful influence in Utah politics.  Our Facebook group - which I established and still possess - currently has over 20,000 members, after more than two years since it started!  Our entire goal, after the 2020 election season, has been to connect citizens with their elected officials, and candidates with their electorate.  We teach and nurture both of those relationships.  We continue to seek out and promote accurate information, carefully research the issues, follow bills during the legislative session, empower constituents to reach their representatives, and empower those who choose to exercise their citizenship by running for office.

THIS IS WHY I DECIDED TO RUN, so I could take all that I've learned from 2019 Utah Tax referendum, and magnify it for YOU, the people of Taylorsville and West Valley City, as YOUR elected representative in the legislature!  No office in the state of Utah brings WE THE PEOPLE more to the forefront, even a seat at the head of the table, than the House of Representatives and Senate of the Utah Legislature.  No other office will help me more than this to empower and represent YOU!  Join me in taking your voice, your issues, and your legislation to Capitol Hill.  As it says in on the wall in this background picture,


I was born and raised in Lancaster, in the beautiful Antelope Valley of southern California's High Desert.  My father was an engineer on the Space Shuttle, and my mother was a registered nurse at the local hospital.  From a very early age, they took me to the polls with them at every election. Residents of our own neighborhood were the poll workers, and they had me practice on the kid's voting machine.  Some of them stayed long enough to see me vote for the first time after I turned 18, then join them a few years later as a first-time poll worker in   the historic 2008 election!  My earliest memory of politics is when President George H. W. Bush gave a national address following the Los Angeles Riots.  Later that year, I called in and voted for Bush in Nickelodeon's Kids Pick the President.

At age 12, my father introduced me to Lancaster's mayor, George Runner.  Four years later, his wife Sharon invited me to volunteer for the George W. Bush presidential campaign in 2000.  Starting that year, until I moved to Utah in 2013, I volunteered every year at the Republican Booth at the Antelope Valley Fair, and regularly at other community events.  In 2001, then-mayor Frank Roberts personally witnessed me register to vote for the first time, at the same AV Fair Republican Booth.  My senior year of high school, I participated in Lancaster's Youth in Government program, in which students shadow and get mentorship from city employees and elected officials.  Other high school activities I enjoyed were cross country, track, public speaking lessons, and mock trial.

After graduating from community college with an associate degree, I had diverse work experience: house construction, special education aide, theme park ticket taker, cutlery salesman, and pest control salesman, et. al.  I also spent a year at Southern Virginia University in their pre-med program, but had to drop out for health reasons.  Finding severely limited opportunity back home, I decided to flee California and seek greener economic pastures in Utah.  To my astonishment, both the economic and political pastures were verdent beyond anything I had imagined!  Weber County Republican Party immediately took me under its wing, introducing me to county commissioners, the county sheriff, Congressman Bishop, Sean Reyes, Spencer Cox, and Governor Herbert.  Jobs practically landed in my lap; instead of 6 months to a year looking for each job, I repeatedly found work within days of applying.

When health again interfered with my academic status, this time at Weber State University, I moved from Ogden to Midvale to stay with long-time friends who had also moved to Utah for the economy.  While in Midvale, I worked varyingly in retail, fast food, and as a nursing aide, increasing my salary each time I took a new job.  I also briefly experienced homelessness when an emergency forced me out of my residence.  For two months, I lived in my car!  I met my wife while living in Midvale, and we moved in with her grandfather in South Jordan after getting married.  There, I reacquainted myself with politics, by attending Republican conventions and candidate events.  In 2018, a golden opportunity came out of nowhere, and we moved into our current home in Taylorsville.

For the first time in my life, I had a mortgage instead of rent!  Having the stability of home ownership, I attended caucus for the first time and got elected to all three offices: precinct chair, county delegate, and state delegate.  After continuing to work varyingly in retail, fast food, and as a nursing aide, I took a chance and found my professional calling in life: teaching!  I now work as a substitute teacher, and am feeling out whether to pursue an elementary or secondary credential.  During the summers, I work mainly as an Uber/Lyft driver.  I'm matriculated at Salt Lake Community College as an education major, and retain matriculation at Weber State University as a Spanish and Communications dual major.

GO DODGERS!  Fan for life!

I believe in the RULE OF LAW.  Everything I do filters through the lens of the US and Utah Constitutions!  I SOLEMNLY AFFIRM that I'll support, protect, and defend them, with the fulness of my very being.
Is there a greater state than Utah?

- Best economy
- Best scenery
- Best for families
- Best for students
-Best for refugees